Sunday, June 10, 2012

Listen to your body...

Last night we went over to our fabulous neighbours' place for dinner.  Kaye holds the title for  BEST COOK I KNOW.  For the longest time my Mom held the title hands down, but Kaye is a beast when it comes to cooking.  We had this appetizer that was 1/2 an avocado with crab salad inside it. I am a cooking neophyte in comparison to her. 
Way prettier than any appetizer I will ever serve.
Food was great, company was great, conversation was great, 1st glass of wine was great. The other THREE glasses of wine is where it begins to go wrong.  No one else was drinking white.  When Kaye had asked if we liked seafood, I thought the main course was seafood - not the incredible sirloin that we ate - so I got a nice bottle of Soave for everyone.  But then I was really the only one to drink it - because I felt kind of obligated - they're not really white wine drinkers.  I was being a good guest.  Over the course of 4 hours drinking several glasses of wine isn't really a problem.  I wasn't drunk - I was pleasantly toddled.  But unfortunately when that happens, my taste buds think it's time to eat again.  So those BBQ chips that were on the counter?  Somehow managed to end up in my tummy.  Before going to bed the sodium and booze in my system convinced me to drink lots and lots of water.  I took a couple of prophylactic Tylenols - cause I thought to myself "You might be thinker than you drunk you are."  Crashed and slept straight through to 7:00 a.m.  

Whereupon I awoke with a blinding headache and hot flashes.  Weather system shift, plus too much alcohol in my system = BAD.  Jet engine through my torso and ocular migraine.  Alcohol and caffeine are bad for peri-menopausal women.  I KNOW THAT!  I should have brought over a bottle  of sparkling water or at least held onto my wine glass so that they couldn't keep filling it up.  

It's just that wine tastes so good with good food.  Doesn't it?  And sparkling water is for pussies.  But I made David promise this morning that FROM NOW ON I should only have one drink.  ONLY ONE... ONLY ONE... and not for any hangover stupidity, but rather the frickin' hot flashes.  Dumb, dumb bunny.

That's the good thing about being older.  I'll remember this shit now.  I want to avoid aftermath.  I can learn from my mistakes.  Can't I?

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