Thursday, October 25, 2012


David is twisting the lids back on the peanut butter and jam.  I am looking at him incredulously -  eyes wide,  my eyebrows raised nearly to my hairline.

"What?!" asks David.

"It's just..."  I'm nearly speechless.  "I never see you do that."

He snorts.  "I do too!"

"HAH!  You NEVER put things away."

"I put things away in the morning!"   He turns to Rissa for backup.

"No, Daddy, you don't."

"Usually I do!"

"No Daddy."

"At least half the time."

Rissa and I shake our heads.

"I put things away!!"

I place a consoling hand upon his shoulder.  "Sweetie.  I'm sorry.  Let me restate.  Yes, occasionally you do  put your sandwich making ingredients away, but you always leave something."

"Not always."

"Yes.  ALWAYS.  You might put the sandwich meats away, but you'll leave the wrappers from your cheese slices.  You'll put the cheese slice wappers in the garbage, but you'll leave the bread bag open and Miracle Whip knives on the island."

"I just leave those things so that Rissa can make her lunch."

"I don't use Miracle Whip Daddy."

"Fine!  Fine!  I will put away EVERYTHING!  You just watch me!!!  See this!?!  I am PUTTING AWAY the sandwich meats!  These knives?  Going in the dishwasher.  You," he turns to Rissa,  "are going to have to find a NEW knife!"

"Okay Daddy."

In a dramatic show of domesticity, David takes the dishcloth and 'cleans' the island of its bread crumbs and morning muck.  His hand carefully carries the detritus of sandwich preparation to the garbage under the sink and he deposits it with a flourish.  "Let it not be said that I can't clean up after myself!"

Rissa and I hold our tongues.

David leaves for work. Then, Rissa makes her lunch and leaves for school.  I have already started writing this post.

I make my way back into the kitchen, I tidy the cheese knife Rissa has left behind and put all of her breakfast dishes, which she has left on the counter right above the dishwasher, into the dishwasher.  Then I take a damp dishcloth and wash the island before cleaning up the floor under the sink where dramatically thrown crumbs have fallen short of the garbage can.  And as I'm doing this?  All I feel is LOVE for the pair of them.  Because after I nag and nag and nag?  They really do try.


  1. That's right, all in a day, because we love them!!

    I know this scenario here at Thomas St., oh so very well. John is a gem and does do so much and indeed really does try. My biggest pet peeve over the years with him is that while Yes he takes turns with me in doing the dishes, he never, never, never rinses the sink!!!! Eeeeewwww!

    1. Sink rinsage seems to be a little lackadaisical here too. And I second your Eeeeewwww!

  2. Love is such a strong word. There are other stronger words that I feel for my family when I'm cleaning up after them. You're a much nicer wife/mother/maid than I am. ;) Thanks for visiting Snarkfest!!


    1. I'm just trying to appear nice in public. I swear in Danish a lot. ;-)

  3. This has my husband written all over it!!! Of our 6 family members, half have been diagnosed with ADD. I am a compulsive organizer, so you can imagine what fun it is living in our house! Like you, I am constantly putting their stuff away. The worst? Toilet paper roll offenders---you know what I mean--you sit down to do your business and half way through realize there is no TP left---that's how life is around here, so I feel your pain!
    So nice to meet you, Heather--glad we found one another. I just joined your GFC and will be adding you to my blog roll this weekend when I get a break from cleaning up everybody else's crap! I'll be back again to catch up with you!

    1. Thanks Menopausal Mama! TP replacement is a definite bone of contention and HOW it is placed ON the roller...