Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turkeys on the ledge...

I wasn't awake enough when I was reading the news this morning.  I read this:

"Turkey on edge as Syria widens offensive"  

and all I could think of was turkeys threatening to jump off the ledge of a building.  Which of course brought to mind the  WKRP episode where they have a 'turkey drop' from a helicopter in honour of Thanksgiving.  And as this is Canadian Thanksgiving it seemed appropriate to post.

Then, on my walk I saw Cerberus leaning out of a late 70s van window.
Like this, but more Rottweilery.

Pretty sure this was the van.

Seriously.  I did a double take.  Because it's odd that the guard of the underworld was in Cobourg. I mean, sure, it was probably three Rotweilers all leaning out the same window, but from my vantage point... totally Cerberus. It was a beautiful moment - could have been a vintage rock album cover.

Then, rounding out the surreality of the morning, I picked up a dead squirrel.  Not like a "Hey baby, how's the afterlife?" kind of way.  It was in the middle of King Street.  It wasn't squished flat, and cars so far had avoided running over it more and I did start to walk away, but then I just couldn't.  So I waited for a break in Sunday morning church traffic,  picked the poor little bugger up and moved it to the boulevard.  Don't worry.  If it had been squished flat, I would have gone home and retrieved a spatula to pry it off the asphalt, I'm not one for squirrel guts under my nails.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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