Friday, February 8, 2013

When you're scared...

My friend Lesley B shared a Vimeo video gift with me. She said "This might be the greatest thing ever."   I'm pretty sure she's right.

The film is by Bianca Giaever (who just graduated from Middlebury College in Middlebury VT), entitled The Scared is Scared.  The story is written by Asa Baker-Rouse - a six year old boy.  I have been sucker-punched by this sweet and melancholic short film which kisses brilliance.  Enjoy.

Asa Bear & Toby Mouse


  1. And I don't think it's just for the scared. I think it's for all the feelings that take over in a way that can paralyze us, bring us down. The sad is scared. The anger is scared. The lonely is scared.
    We both posted this today!

  2. So, the Scared is scared of things you like. Which sounds sort of like "These Are a Few of My Favourite Things" but said so much more eloquently. Loved this!