Thursday, May 31, 2012

My brain might be melting

The release of steam at the end of a day.  This is what blogging is for.  Things like my cat.  Lola.   Or as we affectionately call her - Lola 'Bola Virus - who decided that she wanted to wear my rhinestone necklace this morning at 4:47 a.m. Our little cat burglar tried to abscond with it whereupon I had to chase her down the hall in my all-together, retrieve said necklace, and then hide the necklace and lock the bedroom door.  Plaintive meowing and pitiful paws under the door did not move me.

Plus, my daughter has a disease.  Not a dangerous one.  Don't freak out.  Fifth's Disease.  She has that "just slapped" look to her face and a lacy rash upon her body - which she shows off with pride.  "Look at my BELLY!!!  It's all rashy!!!" (pat, pat, pat upon her tummy)   Thank God she doesn't have any other symptoms other than the rash.  No aches, no fever - just this crazy-ass rash.  And Rissa can be prone to some interesting shit.  From  the time she was little-little, she could spike a fever of 104 to 105 (or 40 - 40.55 for those who know what SICK is in Celsius.)  Sometimes with an inner ear infection - for which she apparently had no pain at all, but when we took her to the Emerg they looked like they were going to call children's services when they looked in and saw how inflamed her ears were.  "She wasn't crying.  She wasn't in pain.  I DIDN'T KNOW!!!"  Sometimes the kid will spike a fever with the Common Cold.  I guess that should be common cold - if it's common it shouldn't be capitalized. 

Speaking of crazy-ass... I have this weird thing with my circulatory system.  (Well, to be fair, I have weird things with many of my systems.)  My fingers, toes and lips turn blue if my body thinks it's cold.  (Reynaud's Syndrome)  It can be like 22 degrees out and I'll start shivering.  David popped me into an emergency warm-up bath because one side-effect of my crazy-ass circulatory system is, um... chest pains.  That aren't real chest pains - trust me, I've had them for 4 years - I probably have small vessel disease for which you can do NOTHING but maybe take a shot (or 3) of Scotch - (I'm not saying take 3 to any docs that are out there - it's hyperbole), which I do, and the pain generally goes away.  Problem is now - when I get stressed - like as I'm working out the scheduling of important people for a big audition, this chest pain tends to stand up and want to be counted.  David's suggesting that I just stay slightly drunk most of the time to counteract those effects because alcohol helps with the relaxation you know.  He likes to fix things.  I suggest that perhaps that's not a good thing to start doing.  Although having a chocolate martini every afternoon might well be delicious, the extra calories would be bad.  Yes it appears I'm more worried about gaining extra weight than becoming a raging alcoholic.  I look at the world through Cosmopolitan glasses.

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