Monday, May 14, 2012

Ned and Susan

Bedtime is the best.  Especially when you have a 12 year old daughter who is still willing to snuggle with you.  Tonight's conversation:

Rissa:  Is there anything you might want to ask me?

Me: Is there anything you might want to tell me?

Rissa: .... maybe...

Me: Is it something really good?

Rissa: (turning away presumably already beginning to blush) ...maybe...

Me: Is it about you??

Rissa: (muffled from behind the covers) ... maybe...

Me: Is it exciting??

Rissa: (shrugging shoulders nonchalantly) ... maybe...

Me: Oooooh!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!!!

Rissa: You sound like Kermit the Frog.

Me:  Did you kiss so-and-so?  (name not included to protect the innocent - yes she's 12 and she has her 1st boyfriend and has been 'going out' for 9 months which is like celebrating a diamond anniversary when you're 12.)

Rissa: (with disgust) NO!

Me: Okay, then what?

Rissa:   Say a particular person let's call him...

Me: Ned?

Rissa: I was totally going to call him Ned!!

Me: Okay, so Ned...

Rissa: Has a friend who might possibly be a girl named... we'll call her Susan...

Me: And....?

Rissa: Ned might want to have Susan come over to his... place of residence... sometime around Susan's upcoming birthday... to you know...

Me: Celebrate?

Rissa:  Maybe...  and Susan might wonder what Susan's parents might think of that.  (shrug)

Me: Would Ned's parents be there?

Rissa: Yes.

Me: Then I think as long as Ned and Susan were in common areas and not making-out behind closed doors...

Rissa: Mummy!  EEEEEEEWW!

Me: I'm just saying... that Susan's parents would be okay with that.


Rissa: Susan is very happy.

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