Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So here's something...

Sometime today, I got it in my head that the perfect graphic for the blog would be a dung beetle pushing... yep, you guessed it...  a ball of pooh.  So I started looking for pictures of dung beetles and then it struck me - WAIT A SECOND!  We HAVE pictures of a dung beetle pushing a ball of pooh from the Bronx Zoo carousel!!  The Bronx Zoo has this amazing Bug Carousel and one of the stationary riding spots is... (wait for it)... a dung beetle pushing a ginormous ball of pooh!  So I went searching through our photos from the Bronx zoo and I found it!!!

Problem is - there's this random stranger also in the picture and the dung isn't really in focus.  So I would have to do some major photoshopping to make it look good.  I tried for about 5 minutes and didn't get good results.  So I went searching for other pictures online that maybe didn't have random strangers in them and were in focus and I did find some on Flicker, but then those pictures really belong to other people and I have real issues with copyright infringement so I felt I couldn't use them.  But then I got to thinking... WAIT A SECOND!  What if the graphic was of a person pushing a giant ball of pooh?  I could have a graphic of someone pushing a giant ball of pooh with her legs the way that a dung beetle does.  So I started looking for pictures of people standing on their hands with their legs against something and nothing was quite right.  And then tonight, after dinner, I made David take pictures of me outside in a handstand, propping my legs up against a telephone pole...

... which he has now photoshopped (and much faster than I would) into looking like I am pushing a ginormous ball of pooh. 

  When in doubt - become your own stock photographer!!

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