Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frenzied Feline Ferocity

Every morning outside our door, the cats lie in wait.  Pawing first.  Then head-butting.  Then heaving their shoulders into it.  Chirping, meowing, then yowling follows.  Lola's the yowler.  She yowls when Minuit growls then bites her.  Minuit is NOT a morning cat. Steve, our dopey orange male, runs up and down the upstairs hallway any time it seems that someone is close to rising from between the sheets.

We learned not to leave the door open.  Because if we leave the door open?  Then we basically live Simon's Cat  ... x 3 cats - one of whom, when she walks on your abdominal aorta, can actually make you pass out.  FYI - Simon Tofield's cat animation is pretty close to perfect - quite a feat with simple line drawings.

1 comment:

  1. Our Alfie is just like that! Spends a long while sitting in the bedroom door threshold with a well timed meow every 30 seconds or only slightly longer.
    Often once he has your attention and you diligently follow him down stairs, he knows he is in control and lead you all the way to the basement just to have you add even the tiniest bit of food to an already well stocked dish, I believe just to prove to you, how well he has you under his thumb!!
    Oh we do love them so!